Priest Cadan

Cadan Sacart in traditional bowler hat as seen in “Pretty Polly.”

Father Cadan Sacart: An Unconventional Path

Shoshone Roots and Desert Wanderings: Growing up on a Shoshone reservation, Father Cadan Sacart embraced the land’s spirit early on. Teenage summers were spent roaming the rugged deserts of Lone Pine, California, learning to live off the earth and forging a deep connection with nature.

A Tapestry of Traditions: In the Midwest, Father Sacart’s path took a vibrant turn. He became a church leader, yet also immersed himself in the energy of pagan festivals. Stregheria from Italy, Hawaiian shamanism, and West Virginia folk magic all weaved their way into his practices, creating a tapestry of diverse spiritual traditions.

Minister, Officiant, and Founder: With an open heart and a welcoming spirit, Father Sacart became an ordained minister and wedding officiant. Recognizing the limitations of established institutions, he embarked on a bold endeavor in 2024 – founding Eternal Spring Church on Whidbey Island, a space for spiritual exploration and acceptance beyond any single label.

Beyond the Sacred: When his robes are off, Father Sacart dives into other realms. As a member of the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), he delves into medieval history and reenactment. And for those seeking order in the mundane, he holds the esteemed title of Professional Registered Parliamentarian.

In essence, Father Cadan Sacart is a tapestry of experiences, interwoven with a deep respect for nature, a passion for diverse spiritual traditions, and a commitment to forging new paths. He is a testament to the richness and complexity of the human spirit.

This revised text removes the specific reference to Universal Life Church while preserving the essence of Father Sacart’s diverse spiritual background and unique journey. It also expands on his various pursuits and interests, providing a more complete picture of the man.

Lady Tree

Tree A.

Unveiling the Branches of Tree:

Roots and Religion: Born and nurtured within the traditions of Roman Catholicism, Tree carries a spirit of service and contemplation. This foundation is evident in her fascination with the intricate connections between the Wheel of the Year, marking pagan cycles, the Gregorian calendar’s earthly rhythm, and the liturgical calendar’s sacred heartbeat. She finds meaning in deciphering their intertwining melodies, seeking deeper understanding within their harmonies.

Branching Out: Tree’s journey isn’t confined to one path. She’s a registered professional engineer, wielding logic and precision in her chosen field. An MBA sharpens her organizational skills, enabling her to tackle life’s complexities with well-honed strategies.

Fruitful Pursuits: But Tree’s true colors blossom outside the professional realm. A night owl, she thrives under the cloak of darkness, likely concocting new projects or devouring knowledge under the moon’s gentle gaze. Her heart beats for service, evidenced by her past as a Camp Fire counselor, Girl Scout guide, and lifeguard-trainer. She nurtures young minds and bodies, instilling a sense of adventure and resilience.

Blooming Passions: When not engaged in grand adventures, Tree cultivates life’s simpler joys. Her fingers find magic in the soil, coaxing life from seeds in her garden. Volunteering allows her to connect with her community, lending a helping hand wherever needed. She orchestrates events with the finesse of a conductor, bringing people together in celebratory harmony. And, of course, she enjoys the finer things, like savoring a glass of wine under the twinkling night sky.

In essence, Tree is a symphony of experiences, weaving together faith, intellect, service, and passion. She’s a woman who embraces the diversity of life, a gardener of dreams, and a celebrant of the human spirit.