Priest Cadan

Cadan Sacart in traditional bowler hat as seen in “Pretty Polly.”

Father Cadan Sacart was raised on a Shoshone reservation and delved deeper into the past as a teenager when he used to roam the deserts of Lone Pine, California for weeks at a time living off the land. In the Midwest, he was a church leader and pagan festival merchant who performed stregheria (Italian witchcraft), Hawaiian shamanism, and West Virginia folk magick rituals at large festivals and events. He’s also ordained minister and wedding officiant of Universal Life Church. This year, he founded Eternal Spring Church on Whidbey Island. In his spare time, he enjoys Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) and is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.

Lady Tree

Tree A.

Tree was born and raised Roman Catholic; night owl, registered professional engineer, and MBA who stays busy with life & volunteering. Religiously, she enjoys studying the relationships between the Wheel of the Year, Gregorian, and Liturgical calendars. Former Camp Fire (Wohelo recipient) and Girl Scout camp counselor, lifeguard, and trainer, Tree enjoys gardening, volunteering, event planning, and wine.