Author: Father Cadan

  • Ostara Arrives

    Ostara Arrives

    As the spring equinox approaches, many people around the world celebrate the arrival of Ostara, a pagan festival that marks the rebirth of nature and the renewal of life. Today, there is great news from the Farm of Eternal Spring Church as two new lambs were born, heralding the true arrival of Ostara. The birth…

  • Ostara Spring Festival

    Ostara Spring Festival

    Saturday, March 18, 2023, 3095 Hunt Rd10-4 pm Vendor Faire12 pm Children’s Easter Egg Hunt1:30 pm Joy Fully Iced cookie decorating registration link Featuring CBD products Herb ‘N Science Tropical Shaved Kona Ice Cookie Class Joy Fully Iced (registration required) Freeze Dried Candy Crafty Sassy Co Handmade jewelry & products Gypsy Soul Art and more…

  • Lakshmi Prosperity Celebration

    Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune, is the wife of Vishnu. She is said to have taken on different forms in order to be with him in each of his incarnations. According to the most widely received account of Lakshmi’s birth, she rose from the churning of the ocean of milk, seated…

  • Church’s new parsonage

    Church’s new parsonage

    Real estate transaction closed, July 1. Excited and pleased to announce moving in September!Please no early looky-loos. The home is currently a private, occupied residence.For info on public events, please join our Facebook Group and checkout the calendar on our website.