Author: Teresa Addison

  • Yule Mystical Makers Market

    Yule Mystical Makers Market

    Saturday, December 2, 10 am – 3 pm3095 Hunt Rd, Oak Harbor Featuring Herb ‘N Science Wine Shop at Home Thank you to Bridget for use of the animal artwork @AnArtsNotebook

  • Pagan Pride, July 29, 2023 coupeville

    Saturday, July 29, Coupeville Town Park, 6-12 Front St NW, 930-430 pmFree admission, public welcomed Join us in supporting Coupeville’s Gifts from the Heart food bank by participating in our food drive. We kindly request that you contribute non-perishable items, as you are able. A donation box will be conveniently placed in the kitchen area…

  • new greenhouse

    new greenhouse

    Learn about my experience building a kit greenhouse rated for 25 mph winds, only to face 20 mph gusts. Find out how it fared in this article.

  • Eggs for sale

    Eggs for sale

    Eggs for sale

  • ostara Egg Hunt

    ostara Egg Hunt

    Fun afternoon hunting for eggs today. Thank you all for attending Spring Festival.