Fire update from Suzanne

I call out to the International community for monetary support in mitigating the incredible losses sustained by the Edgewood fire community of tenants in this catastrophic fire. The 8 condo complex fire touched every one of our ten tenants, rendering all homeless in a matter of just 4 minutes as the flames leaped across the roof to engulf first the three story of six condos then onto the two story containing the remaining two condos as we stood by and watched our homes burn. After years of serving professionally in federal & city disaster response recovery efforts, I now find myself homeless, elderly & disabled at 68 years of age, heavily reliant on community compassion and empathy to merely survive day by day both physically and mentally in trauma shock. I was attempting to schedule open heart surgery at the time of this fire. Instead I am now faced with utter devastation of my home the basic foundational support, as I also contemplate my 10 neighbors’ same homeless circumstances. I reach out to all those that wish to support us to recover our basic survival needs enabling us to move forward beyond the fire’s desolation upon our lives, now requiring rebuilding. Your donations will deeply touch every life affected here, as we collectively reach out for your donations, we shall feel cared for in this vast world we share with great appreciation within the depths of our hearts. Knowing we are not alone walking this pathway brings a great relief out of despair and hopelessness. I call upon those of you that can assist monetarily to support us in our recovery. I want to personally thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to learn about us here, and to those who felt our call upon them to donate.