Yesterday, we enjoyed Imbolc & Candlemas off site by making candles. As the days grow longer, say goodbye to winter with us:

“Today is Imbolc, the day of midwinter.
The cold has begun to fade away,
and the days grow longer.
This is a time in which the earth is quickening,
like the womb of Brighid,
birthing the fire after the darkness.

Bright blessings at midwinter to all!
Brighid has returned with the sacred flame,
watching over home and hearth.
This is a time of rebirth and fertility,
and as the earth grows full of life,
may you find abundance on your own path.
Imbolc is the season of lambing, of new life,
and a time to celebrate the nurturing and warmth of Brighid.

May Brighid give her blessings to you this season.

May Brighid’s love and light nurture your path.

Come, and allow the warmth of Brighid’s hearth
to embrace you.
Allow the light of her flame
to guide you.
Allow the love of her blessing
to protect you.”

Excerpts above from

Our parsonage is a safe space. The door is always open. Coffee or tea can be on in minutes, and the dining room table is a place of peace and no judgment. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. It’s no good suffering in silence. We have food in the fridge, coffee or tea in the cupboard, and listening ears and shoulders to cry. We will always be here… you are always welcome!!