Our Purpose

While Eternal Spring Church is new, our specific linage dates back to May 5, 2005. For over a decade, we have been faithfully doing the work of creating the world we want to live in.

  • To serve the Divine through Nature preservation efforts and by fostering community through celebrations, ceremonies, education, outreach, and other ministries.
  • To hold regular worship services and observe the seasonal religious festivals and full moons, in accordance with our traditions.
  • To train and ordain Ministers, and empower them to serve Pagans and those of Nature-centered spiritual paths in their home communities, as well as in their support of the work of Eternal Spring Church.
  • To develop, restore, and maintain a sacred Nature Preserve.
  • To maintain a Church Cemetery on our premises.
  • To publish and distribute religious and spiritual materials including literature, artwork, music, meditations, podcasts, videos, social media pages, websites, and other resources which promote spiritual attunement, awakening, and growth.
  • To promote communication among individuals and groups practicing Pagan and related Nature religions, and to serve as a resource center and a source of counsel.
  • To acquire and maintain a suitable headquarters facility, to be known as the Church of Eternal Spring.
  • To advocate and to live a lifestyle that emphasizes living in harmony with the natural world.
  • To Promote Urban Tribalism, a modern form of ancient living.


Eternal Spring Church envisions being a gathering place where seekers may gain spiritual knowledge by discussing the more profound issues of life, the universe, and everything; a location where real people are able to have genuine relationships with each other and the divine; and a location that encourages believers to dig deep inside themselves and their connectedness with the world they help to create.