Have you ever indulged in farm fresh eggs? They are a gastronomic delight! With their beautiful, deep golden yolks and rich taste, once you try farm eggs, you won’t settle for anything else!

Our feathered ladies are busy throughout the year and also contribute to the farm’s upkeep. They roam freely, naturally fertilize the soil, and help control pests.


Q: Is it safe to store eggs outside of the fridge? A: Yes, unwashed eggs can be stored safely at room temperature for several days or even a couple of weeks, as they are protected by the bloom.

Q: What is bloom? A: Bloom is the natural coating on the eggshell, acting like nature’s lubricant. It helps the egg slide out of the hen and dries almost instantly to form a protective layer on the porous shell.

Q: How should I clean eggs? A: If you prefer to clean eggs, use cool or lukewarm water without soap, vinegar, or chemicals just before using them. If you intend to wash all of them at once, keep them in the fridge because cleaning removes the bloom.

Q: Why use cooler water? A: Hot water can trigger an endothermic reaction with the egg, sucking in bacteria through the porous shell.

Q: I’m concerned about finding baby chicks or embryos, are your eggs fertilized? A: We have no roosters, so all our eggs are unfertilized. There’s no danger of discovering a developing chicken.

For more information on farm eggs, please read this article.

Interested in eggs? Typical donation, $5/dozen or $7/18. Message us